First American Home Warranty

Key Features

  • Experience and stability
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Coverage options
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Online homeowner center
  • Termite coverage
  • Pest control coverage
  • Monthly payments


First American offers two plans, the Basic and the Premier. You can choose to pay monthly or annually and the easy to follow contracts will list everything you are covered for. The Basic Plan costs $28 per month or $300 per year and covers all your appliances including washer and dryer. The Premium Plan which costs $44.50 per month or $498 per year, also cover your electrical and plumbing system, water heater, central heating, garage door, ductwork and central vacuum system.

Additional upgrades to both plans are available at an extra cost and these include coverage for additional refrigerators, air-conditioning service, pool cover, well and pump cover. Prices can vary depending on the size and location of your home and it is best to ask for a quote so that you are sure of the cost. The service fee charged is $60 to $100, depending on which state you live in. Warranty plan holders can upgrade their warranty plan within the first 30 days of coverage and you will also have a 30 day review period as a new contract holder. Apart from homeowners’ warranties, First American also offers plans to real estate agents and network service providers. A home inspection is not required and all items covered must be in good working order at the time of signing the contract.

Things To Note

With First American warranties, you will be covered for all the appliances and systems listed in your contract regardless of the age of your units. They are committed to either repairing or replacing items that malfunction. The company provides 24/7 online and phone service for claims and a team of experienced vetted contractors to carry out the work.

Unlike some of the companies in this field, First American do not carry a specific dollar amount for total repairs, but some systems have specific limits on what parts of the system the warranty will repair or replace. They also provide extra protection for breakages due to lack of maintenance and regular wear and tear including rust corrosion and sedimentary build up. There is no age limit on your appliances and home services and you will be covered as long as the items are in proper working order when your coverage begins. First American Home also covers termite and pest damage, unlike many other companies in this field.

In A Nutshell

First American provides home warranties for homeowners and real estate professionals. It is important to insure appliances that do not have a manufacturer’s warranty as this will not be covered by First American. Before signing up make sure that you understand the coverage limits and that you have all your bases covered.

This will protect you from unexpected and expensive repairs down the line. Each claim is handled by the network of professionals that First American have in the areas that they cover. A simple phone call or email will set things in motion and you will soon have a technician to diagnose the problem and perform the repair or replacement, as long as the items are covered in your contract. It is good to note that you will have to pay a service fee every time you call in a technician.

Let’s Dive Deeper

With First American Home Warranty, the call out fee for a technician could vary according to which state you live in and you could expect to pay $60 – $100 per repair. Before you call First American you must be sure that the item you’re a claiming for is covered and also be aware of the warranty’s payout cap. Typically you would be entitled to around $500 maximum per year for repairs to the pipes in your home and $1500 for water heaters and air-conditioning, excluding flues, vents and fuel. With kitchen appliances you would have a limit of $3,500 per appliance per year. The add-ons offered also have a cap on how much you are entitled to claim for so it is best to find out what these amounts are before adding them onto your contract.

Estate professionals use warranties from First American Home to save their buyers from unexpected home system and appliance breakdowns. Most buyers are happy to have a warranty in place and this could reduce the risk of home repairs before, during and after a sale. This practice could give the estate agent a competitive edge during a sale. For the new homeowners having a First American Home Warranty in place will give them an easy solution should they find problems as soon as they move in. Covered systems and appliances will be repaired or replaced with just the cost of a callout fee. It is noted that First American pays out as much as $180 million in repairs and replacements in any given year.

First American Home Warranty offers 24/7 claims service for their customers. You can contact the hotline or user friendly online customer portal for quick and efficient service. The company has a nationwide network of qualified technicians which are prescreened and guaranteed to be able to sort out your problems. The customer portal is available online for you to be able to track your claim, view contact details, manage communications, and to renew your home warranty. In order to be sure of what you are covered for it is essential that you read through the warranty thoroughly for any exceptions, conditions and requirements. It is also wise to perform routine maintenance on your appliances and services in order to extend their life. This can be done by checking the manufacturers’ guidelines and adhering to their recommendations.

There are some limitations mentioned in the fine print on the warranties. The electrical system in your home has no cap, but they do not cover door bells, alarms, audio and video recording devices due to power surges or faulty wiring. Generally, they do not cover remotes, gate motors, hinges, and side rails for garage doors and with appliances, knobs, dials, venting, and damage to clothes are not covered. These limitations are a normal addition to most home warranties and they are listed in the contract. Other limitations to note, are that you cannot claim in the first 30 days after signing a contract and should you miss a payment you will not be covered for a claim unless your account is up to date.

First American Home Warranty Best Features

Experience and stability – over 30 years’ experience

Comprehensive plans – all services and appliances

Coverage options – choice of items to include

24/7 claims service – every day of the year

Online homeowner center – portal for communication

Termite coverage – covers termite damage

Pest control coverage – covers pest damage

Monthly payments – choice of payment available

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