Liberty Home Guard Review

Key Features

  • No home inspection
  • No maintenance records
  • Appliance cover
  • System cover
  • Additional add-ons
  • Licensed technicians
  • 60 days guarantee
  • Encrypted data


Liberty Home Guard do not advertise their prices online and you need to apply for a quote, with your requirements, to get a price. You can opt for monthly, annual and multi-year warranty policies that can be cancelled at any time. Multi-year policies offer the greatest value as you will get one month free, per year. There are three plans on offer, the Appliance Guard, the System Guard and the Total Home Guard.

Cover includes a visit from an expert technician and the labor and parts to repair your appliances or home systems. You will only be covered if your appliances or services stop working due to standard wear and tear. Price is subject to the units you choose to cover, plus additional items you wish to add to your plan. There is a service fee of $60 payable on all call outs. LHG requires a full month of subscription to their services before you can submit a claim. Claims can be made via telephone or through the company’s online portal or by email.

Things To Note

Liberty Home Guard has a data encryption system that protects your personal information with cyber security systems. Claims are followed up with live updates and expected time of arrival of a service provider. LHG claim to be fully accountable and no call, claim or request goes unanswered. Contractors are vetted and you even have the option of taking cash instead of service if you wish to use your own technician.

LHG go over and above the call of duty with their customer service and you will be able to get advice on various options during a claim. Liberty Home Guard has a dedicated line open 24/7 for their customers. All queries are answered within 48 hours. An online secure portal will keep you informed of the progress of your claim. The plans on offer are suitable for both landlords and home owners as you can insure only the appliances in your home or the services. The combination of the two plans and the optional extras make LHG one of the most comprehensive home warranty services available.

In A Nutshell

With the Liberty Home Guard warranties, there is no limit to the number of callouts in one year. All work is guaranteed for 60 days and you do not need an inspection before you get cover or have to worry about the age of your appliances and systems. A service fee or deductible of $60 is payable with each claim. If your appliance can not be fixed or the cost is more than the agreed upon coverage limit, the company will reimburse you for the coverage limit amount. Items beyond repair will be replaced with the same or similar model. A cap on the expense that will be invested to repair or replace your appliances is agreed on in the terms and conditions of the contract, this can be up to $1500 per appliance.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Liberty Home Guard covers appliances like clothes washer and dryer, refrigerators, ice makers, microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ranges, ovens, cooktops, ceiling and exhaust fans and garage door openers. Systems that are covered include air conditioning, heating, ductwork, plumbing, electrical and water heaters. Optional add-ons include pool and spa, sump pump, central vacuum, well pump, septic system and sewage ejector pump, stand-alone freezer, second refrigerator, roof leaks, gutter cleaning and pest control. You can also get cover for floor and carpet cleaning and smoke detectors. It is not clear whether LHG covers damage due to rust or corrosion.

LHG offers 2 plans, the one for appliances and the other for your home systems, the third plan is a combination of the two plans plus the optional extras. Warranty systems are available for landlords who rent out their property and for homebuyers as soon as they purchase a home. Terms and conditions are laid out in your contract and you can see what this entails on the sample contract through their website. The contract will let you know exactly how much the company is prepared to pay for each appliance and system and it also includes exclusions which are not covered such as misuse, acts of God, terrorism, earthquake and deliberate damage. It is not clear on the sample contract if LHG will cover items that stop working due to the lack of routine maintenance.

LHG screens all the contractors they work with throughout the U.S. The company has an impressive network of qualified and experienced contractors and technicians. If you want to use your own contractor, out of the LHG network, you will be offered a cash payout and you will have to take care of the problem yourself. Liberty Home Guard has a very experienced team who have years of experience in this field. In comparison to other home warranty sites they offer a good product at a reasonable price. Exclusions and caps on how much they pay out for any given appliance or service are within the norm for warranty companies in today’s market.

Liberty Home Guard Best Features

  • No home inspection – old units covered
  • No maintenance records – all covered
  • Appliance cover – just appliances
  • System cover – just home systems
  • Additional add-ons – tailor made cover
  • Licensed technicians – national network
  • 60 days guarantee – repairs guaranteed
  • Encrypted data – personal info protected
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