Select Home Warranty

Key Features

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Low Service Call Fees
  • Annual promotions
  • Plans under $30/month
  • Quick replacement payments
  • First 30 days: Free cancellation
  • Selection of items covered
  • Additional extras available
  • Pre-approved service contractors


Select Home Warranty offers 3 plan options which include Bronze Care, Gold Care and Platinum Care. With all the plans you will receive 2 months free and free roof coverage valued at $99, and $100 off, if you opt to pay annually. To get prices you will have to apply for a free quote online. The company has great promotions for new customers.

A modest service call fee is charged for each repair or replacement claimed. The Bronze Care plan includes home appliances only and is the cheapest plan. The Gold Care plan covers all home systems which include air condition units, heating, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and water heater. This is a good choice for homeowner who have new appliances already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The Platinum Care plan is the best option for homeowners that want everything in their home covered. This plan includes the coverage offered by the first two plans plus optional add on which could include a pool, spa, central vacuum, lawn sprinklers and more. Roof leaks coverage can be added at no extra cost.

Things To Note

It is required that all systems and appliances are in good working order on the effective date of the service contract. Pre-existing conditions or defects will not be covered. It is important to note that all systems and appliances covered under a warranty by the manufacturer or distributor will not be covered by Select Home. Homeowners can alleviate the stress of repairing essential appliances through Select Home Warranty coverage.

The company has a team of over 75 qualified service professionals to take care of all your covered items. A home service contract is also a valuable marketing tool if you need to sell your home or if you are in the market for a new home. The company does not require a home inspection but you would have to assure them that all your appliances and systems are in good working order on purchase of a warranty service contract. Select also covers rental properties, mobile homes, manufactured homes, single family and multiple units as well as condos.

In A Nutshell

Select Home Warranty offers cover for all your major appliances and central home systems. With a warranty in place, homeowners will not need to find contractors or repair technicians as this is covered by the company. To make a claim you can simply dial their toll-free number or send an email. You will get an instant response and an email with the contractor or repair technician’s details so that you can set up an appointment immediately. This procedure will save you time and money and also give you peace of mind that the workers have been vetted by Select Home Warranty which will guarantee that your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Let’s Dive Deeper

A homeowner’s service contract is different from a household insurance policy. Whereas the latter covers your home and contents against natural disasters, fire, and theft, the service contract is your best defense against sudden breakdowns of services and appliances in your home. The additional cover offered by Select Home Warranty will keep you confident that you have covered all your bases in case of unexpected breakages and malfunctions. A warranty from Select also helps provide protection during and after a home purchase or sale as the warranty is transferrable. Warranties are also renewable annually and Select will inform you of your choices for renewal.

As long as your systems and appliances are in good working order it does not matter how old they are. The requirement is for the items to be functional at the time of purchasing the warranty. Select covers all types and models of appliances and services. In the event of you requiring more than one contractor or several unrelated trips to your home, there is a fee due for each trade service call. Additional fees are charged if the claim covers more than one category, example plumbing, and appliance repairs. Select Home Warranty coverage includes all major home systems, kitchen, and laundry appliances, as well as some additional items, such as lawn sprinkler system and roof leaks. For the central A/C and heating system, Select Home Warranty plans to cover the primary floor air conditioning unit only, provided it does not exceed a 5-ton capacity. The coverage will include motor, compressor, thermostats, and condensers.

Select warranty covers to line leaks and breaks in the water drain, waste or vent lines unless the damage is caused by freezing or roots. With the plumbing system, mainline stoppages are covered up to 100 feet from the access point. Toilet bowl tanks, flushing mechanisms, angle stops, and risers are also covered by Select Home Warranty. Electrical system coverage includes wiring, service panels, breakers, switches, outlets, and junction boxes. No damage caused by flood, fire, rust, corrosion or lightning is covered. Clothes washer and dryer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, stove/oven/cooktop, built-in microwave oven, and dishwasher are covered. Additional coverage for the second refrigerator, standalone freezer, and ice maker can be purchased separately. You can also get coverage for the pool, spa, well pumps, septic systems, furnaces and, water heater if required.

Select best features

  • 24/7 emergency service – day or night
  • Low Service Call Fees – per service call
  • Annual promotions – pay in advance for a discount
  • Plans under $30/month – cover appliances only
  • Quick replacement payments – fast and reliable service
  • First 30 days: Free cancellation – control in your hands
  • Selection of items covered – customizable cover
  • Additional extras available – add on available
  • Pre-approved service contractors – peace of mind
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